Demos and Studio Sample

About Hannah

Hannah is an American Voice actress located in East Lansing, Michigan, who is studying to become a veterinarian. In her spare time she can be found playing video games, hiking, and playing with her two cats (Persephone and Marianne) and dog (Lily). She is very close to her animals, including the over 100 goats on her family farm. Hannah lives to serve both inside and outside of her voice over career.

Home Studio

• Acoustically treated recording booth
• Rode NT-1 Microphone
• Solid State Logic 2 Interface
• Mac Mini
• Adobe Audition DAW

Featured Work

Prom (by Jace)Through the WinterVideo GameFinch House Productions
IlluminPR:RivenverseVideo GameHoneycrew Studio
Clelia (by Icedinapod)Proud BlossomsVideo GameFinch House Productions
Elsie BellLet's MisbehaveVideo Gameillegalileo
Elizabeth (by Eufasy)The House on Limbo LaneVideo GameFinch House Productions
Talleyrand (by Kat Peterson)Talleyrand SimulatorVideo GameFinch House Productions
Napoleon (by Thoe)Talleyrand SimulatorVideo GameFinch House Productions
HollyThe SolarityAudio DramaVictoria Cherichetti


Private CoachingJune Yoon
Commercial CoachingDave Bisson, Joe Hernandez
AnimationGriffin Puatu, Chris Hackney, Christian LaMonte, JP Karliak
CharacterKristen McGuire, Dave B. Mitchell, Krizia Bajos, Joe Hernandaz, Melissa Medina, Emi Lo
CommercialTania Passick
Video GameBrittany Cox, Patrick Seitz, Greg Chun, Brook Chalmers
Additional WorkshopsRandy Greer